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Self Weeding Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric

LS402F self weeding laser transfer paper for dark fabric is an evolutionary transfer paper, not only it is transparent for easily accurate positioning, it is no cut and leaves no coating film on the empty area, can present a fine detail image and keeps the textile soft.

No Cut

After transferring LS402F laser dark self weeding paper the empty area are soft without leaving any background coating film, much improve the texture of your clothing. Also no more cutting will gain time to increase the production volume.

Fine Detail Transfer

LS402F Laser dark self weeding paper have breakthrough the limit of fine detail image, you can now transfer smallest detail image or text for your design.

Stamping Foil Effect

With our stamping foil you can now create variety of fashionable design with stylish metallic effects and mottled effects. Increase the possibility of creative designs with your imagination.


Cotton t-shirts, bags, hats, mats, pillows, leathers and all kind of synthetic fiber products.

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