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Eco solvent transfer paper

New generation Eco solvent transfer paper gets better transfer results features vivid color, strong washablity, soft touch, and outstanding elasticity. It’s suitable for all kinds of stretchable fabrics. Eco solvent transfer paper becomes one of the most popular transfer materials now.

Image In Color provides new technology Eco solvent transfer paper (ECOP) which not only passes restrict washing test, but makes best adjustment between thickness and elasticity. Recommend to use with solvent ink and print and cut plotter.

Advanced surface coating

The ink can be completely absorbed on Eco solvent transfer paper through special coating technology. Color becomes vivid and sharp with strong washability.

Perfect thickness and elasticity

Continuously adjust thickness and elasticity of Eco solvent transfer paper to achieve perfect balance. Now it’s thinner, more flexible, and easy to transfer on all kinds of fabric.

User-friendly design (PET Backing film)

Produce Eco solvent transfer paper with PET backing film which is difficult to cut through in order to protect equipments and easily remove designs from backing film.

Outstanding lamination technique

Eco solvent transfer paper is produced by laminating multiple layers. With better lamination technique, Eco solvent transfer paper is smooth and even that can load into plotter without bending up. This minimizes the waste in Eco solvent transfer paper and also prevents printhead from scratching.


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