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GCC Expert24 is built in with the advanced contour cutting systems (AAS II). It operates by using the stepping motor, which allows the use to reach maximum cutting speed of 400 mm / sec (15.7 in.). It also comes with 250g of cutting force and a stable drum that can guarantee 3 meter tracking to ensure quality outputs and saves you from wasted material and cost.

GCC Expert 24 LX function

  • Max. Cutting Width 24"
  • Up to 250 grams of cutting force.
  • Up to 15.7IPS (400mm/sec) cutting speed Guaranteed 3 meter tracking .
  • USB RS-232 connectivity.
  • Accu-Aligning System for automatic contour cutting (AAS II).

Paper Toys Paper Stickers Scrapbook Diorama
Stationery Letter Logos Gift Cards T-shirt
Car Stickers Window Stickers Wedding Cards Lables
GCC Expert 24 : Specifications
Model Expert 24LX Expert 24
Max. Cutting Width 600mm/23.6"
Max. Media Loading Width 719mm/28.3"
Material Thickness 0.8mm
Drive Stepping Motor
Cutting Force 250g
Max. Cutting Speed /sec 400mm/15.7" /sec
Software Resolution 0.025mm
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Tracking 3m
Memory  Buffer 500 KByte
Interfaces USB 2.0 (Full Speed)  & RS-232
Type of Command HP-GL, HP-GL/2
Configurable Origin Yes
Control Panel 6 LEDs; 10 Keys
Stand Optional
Accu-Aligning System Standard AAS II N/A

Craft ROBO Working Process

  1. Use the software to design an image, or open a downloaded data file.
  2. Print out your created design on a printer.
  3. Load the printed sheet in the Craft ROBO and cut out your stickers.
  4. Peel off the image which the contour has been cut.
  5. Transfer it to T-shirt with heat press machine (if it is a sticker , affix it to the selected object straightly ).