2in1 Galaxy Cap Heat Press

2 In 1 Galaxy Cap Heat Press
Lightweight, Efficent, Convenient

  • Cap Platen 9×16.5cm。
  • Logo Platen 20x25cm。
  • Quick Switch Platen
  • LCD Touch Panel
  • Automatic Sleeping Mode


Combo Cap Heat Press is the best press for hat and logo printing for garments decorators.
Switch from cap press to logo printing press and vice versa is fast and straightforward.
The whole machine can be easily installed by user themselves which made the after sales service a piece of cake.
Light weight and lower cost are the key to make this press to be popular.

Solid Welded Structure

State-of-art welding, which offers the machine with a strong and stable structure.

Interchangeable Platens

With quick change system, Galaxy 2in1 Cap machine is a good choice for cap/logo business, customers could decorate headwear of all shapes, styles and sizes..

Over The Center Pressure Distribution

The Pressure source is strategically placed over the center of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure that is unmatched by other heat presses in the market today.

Curved Platens

All platens are perfectly molded to mirror the curves of a hat and are designed to apply heat transfers on to cap brims and bills.

2 In 1 Galaxy Cap Heat Press



Transfer area

Logo Platen 20x25cm

Cap Platen 9x16.5cm


Logo Press-700W/6.4Amps

Cap Press-500W/4.5Amps


Logo Press-700W3.2Amps

Cap Press-500W/2.3Amps

Temp Setting


Time Setting


Machine Dimension

22x46x88(高) cm

Packing Dimension


Gross Weight



1 Year,If not caused by artificial factors

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