Eco Solvent Ink

Roland / Mimaki Eco Solvent Ink
Capacity:: 220ML. 440ML(Cartridge)
Color: Magenta, Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Black, Yellow
Paper Type: Eco solvent Printable Transfer Vinyl

Eco solvent ink was created by desolving pigment into organic solvent. Since the solvent evaporates, it can be dried quickly.
It can be directly printed on PVC material, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising materials and display products.
In addition to its excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance, it can also show ultra-high image quality without graininess.


Eco Solvent inks provide many benefits for consumers seeking a sustainable solution to high resolution printing and have increased greatly in popularity. These inks are highly durable, environmentally friendly and available in a wide variety of colors.

Eco Friendly (compared to heavy solvent inks)

Heavy solvent inks are typically not ideal for use in printing areas with minimal air flow, due to the fumes and odors they produce. Eco Solvent inks, on the other hand, do not produce fumes and are generally regarded to be friendly to the environment by comparison.

Ideal for billboards and other outdoor signage

Eco Solvent ink is highly durable and adheres well to both coated and uncoated surfaces, producing high resolution images that are ideal for billboards and other forms of outdoor signage.

Printer Preservation

Eco Solvent ink is less harsh on print heads, which means they help extend your printer’s lifespan and save you money in the long run.


Uniforms, Backpacks, Canvas bags, customized products….etc.

Paper Type : Printable Eco Solvent Transfer Vinyl, Clear Matte Printable digital vinyl, Anti-sub Eco-solvent Transfer Paper.

Eco Solvent Ink
Eco Solvent Ink
Eco Solvent Ink
Eco Solvent Ink
Eco Solvent Ink
Eco Solvent Ink

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