Pigment Ink

Pigment Ink
Capacity: 125ML/Bottle. 1000ML/Bottle
Color: Magenta, Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Black, Yellow
Paper Type: ATT Inkjet transfer paper for light fabric, ATT Inkjet trnasfer paper for dark fabric, 3G-Jet Inkjet transfer paper for dark fabric.

Pigment ink

Pigment ink provides waterproof effect on the paper without fainting. It’s suitable for fabric transferring. Transfers won’t faint or fade after washing.
The colors are saturated and bright. ICC profiles are provided to give users the best experience of accurate output transfer.

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Vivid color

Pigment ink can be transfer onto many different type of fabric materials, with low bleeding in the edges of the printed color,long life cycle, non fading colors.

Water Resistance

The Pigment Ink has excellent water resistance, provide longer lasting image that can endurance many washes. water fast on most paper media (dye based inks start to run when wetted if not printed on specially coated paper)

SGS Certificate

Our product receives SGS certificate, It is enviromental friendly with good quality and safety.

Design for EPSON L805/L1800 Printer

We provide color correction files to prevent color difference and present the actual color match.


White or light-colored cotton, polyester, cotton/polyblends, Canvas, Caps…etc.

Pigment Ink

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