DTF_printer with powder shaking machine

MP WHITE DTF printer with powder shaking machine
Material size: 60cmX100m(PET film in roll)
Maximum printing width: 56cm

  • One-stop printing production greatly improves production efficiency
  • Built-in heater. Synchronous drying for smooth paper winding.
  • Built-in roll feeder and automatic take-up reel
  • Use with MP White DTF water based ink which passes SGS certificate.
  • SGS Wash test Level 4.5~5 for strong washability.
  • Comes with RIP software.
  • Print color and white at the same time with perfect alignment.

The Magic White Powder Color Printing Machine, also known as the Powder Shaker, makes you get rid of the restrictions on screen printing color, screen printing plate, cutting, and weeding from now on, and achieve true digital production!
More importantly, it gives you an ultra-low cost advantage. No need to worry about the high cost of ink, or a lot of labor and time in cutting and weeding.
MP WHITE DTF printer saves you a bunch of money and time, definitely a must-buy machine!

Various applications without limitation on fabrics

Save ink for you. Save Ink Cost

Automatic cleaning flushes ink regularly which means you’ll waste a lot of ink unknowingly.
But the real high-quality machine and ink do not need automatic cleaning.
You can turn off the automatic cleaning from our machine when you are off work or on vacation, which saves a lot of ink cost.

Precise calibration software

Use high-end positioning and calibration software to effectively solve the problem of white edges, so you don’t have to worry about transfer quality complaints.

Better print setting

We provide higher-level 6pass printing settings to produce better quality than competitors.

SGS Certificate

Our ink has passed the SGS certificate and meets the EU RoSH standard. The manufacturer and product items sent for inspection are clear and transparent.

Comparison chart

Easy presentation of intricate and complex patterns

Upgraded printing film, easily prints without ink smudging, ensuring more even coloration of patterns.

SGS-certified environmentally friendly water-based high-quality ink, with vibrant and saturated colors

Careful quality selection ensures the complete adhesion of hot-melt powder to the pattern, preventing powder clogging and improving water resistance


  • EPSON4720(2 print heads)/i3200( 4 print heads)
  • White ink double Circulation system
  • Front and back heater
  • Color and white can be printed simultaneously

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