ATT Dark Inkjet Transfer Paper

ATT Inkjet Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric
Specification: A4.A3
As a new innovative inkjet transfer paper, ATT dark fabric transfer paper has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of modern athletic fabrics and active wear.
It features fast ink drying, vibrant color, soft hand touch, and excellent washability.

ATT dark transfer paper creates excellent full color transfers for application on dark colored fabrics with your inkjet printer.
Designed for smooth, jam-free feeding – your transfers won’t blur or smear, and there’s no yellowing after application.

ATT Dark Inkjet Transfer Paper Instructions

ATT Dark Inkjet

Colorful and Excellent Washability

In contrast to different brand of transfer paper, our ATT Inkjet dark transfer paper guarantees long lasting vivid color and supreme washability.

Elastic Soft Touch

Unlike the heavy feeling of the previous transfer paper, ATT Dark wholesale transfer paper is moderately thick with flexibility, so the transferred clothes can still maintain the original comfort.


Hight quality dark transfer paper is compatible to CAMEO4 contour cutter, which can cut the pattern perfectly and greatly improve the production efficiency.

Quick Proofing and Producing

Pair up with EPSON L800 or EPSON L1800 printer for easy and fast operation. It is one of the best option for proofing and producing, and low pricing make it become many user favorite products.


Dark color cotton t-shirts, mouse pads, bags, hats, mats, pillows, leathers and all kind of synthetic fiber products.

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