Mug Laser Transfer Paper

Mug Laser Transfer Paper
Specification: A4

GOLD mug laser transfer paper uses a laser printer to output patterns, which can be transferred to mugs.
Print the designs with white toner, it can also be transferred on color or glass mug.
Breaking through the limitations of traditional sublimation, the transfer is no longer limited to white mug, you can have more choices!

Mug Laser Transfer Paper Instructions

Mug Laser Transfer Paper

White toner

Now not only white surface, you can also transfer designs on any color or glass mugs.


There is no limit to the quantity and designs, which can meet the needs of customization.

Better durability

Transfer on coated surface can greatly increase the durability and washability.


White and Color Mug, Glass Mug, Tumbler, Mason Mug, Beer Jug, Thermos Bottle etc…

GDMUGNE Mug laser transfer paper: Color Mug (Step by Step)

GDMUGNE Mug laser transfer paper: Glass Mug (Step by Step)

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