Dark No Cut Laser Transfer Paper

Self Weeding Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric
Specification: A4.A3
The New Generation Laser Dark Self weeding transfer paper is compatible to white toner laser printer. The white toner base allows the pattern to be clearly presented and transferred to the dark fabric.
It only transfers design without background coating film, no trimming is required, so that the clothes can maintain the original elasticity.

Dark No Cut Laser Transfer Paper Instruction

Dark No Cut Laser Transfer Paper

No Cut

Still worries about small image? Are you tired of making a boarder for the image? Try the New Laser Self Weeding transfer paper. Without the need of cutting the edges, will help you increase productivity. No more cutting also means, even smallest image can be done. Now you can start making clothes faster, easier, and smarter!

Improve washability

The new generation laser self weeding transfer paper increasing the durability after the transfer which makes stronger washability.

Upgrade Stretchiness

Compare to previous version of self weeding transfer paper, more flexibility means less breaking on the fabric and better quality.

Cheaper Price

The price of new generation laser self weeding paper is 20% less!

Apply Suggestion

  1. When the image are too small for cutting or trimming.
  2. When your customers wish for small image but do not want white boarders.
  3. Small amount but large variety of images.

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