Anti-Sub Printable Transfer Vinyl

Anti-sublimation Printable Transfer Vinyl
Specification: 50cm Width X 25M Length

Anti-sublimation printable transfer vinyl can effectively solve the problem of color migration due to the dyed polyester.
Not only to prevent the color migration from dyed polyester, the thickness of the material is also thinner and the color saturation is better than other similar products.
It is definitely an indispensable material for dyed polyester.

Anti-sublimation Function

The Anti-sub printable transfer vinyl can effectively eliminate the color migration issue when applied to dyed polyester.

Anti-Sub Printable Transfer Vinyl Instructions

Anti-Sub Printable Transfer Vinyl

High Quality​

The sub-block eco solvent transfer paper is PU material with good flexibility. The output color is saturate and the transfer is durable and washable.

Thinner thickness​

Imporve the thickness for lightweight and soft hand touch.

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