DTF Magic White Ink

Magic White Digital Inkjet DTF Waterbase Ink
Capacity: 500ML/Bottle. 1000ML/Bottle
Color: White, Magenta, Cyan, Black, Yellow

Magic White digital inkjet DTF waterbase ink
The DTF water-based ink for DTF printer not only enables machine to print stably and smoothly, but also greatly reduces the possibility of nozzle clogging.
Use with our MP White printer, it can show its excellent color performance and ink stability.

Reduce nozzle clog

The magic white water-based ink is made of a unique formula, which won’t make the nozzle block, and has excellent stability and smoothness.

Even when the machine is not in use, the machine can be shut down directly, saving you a lot of ink for automatic cleaning.

Excellent color performance

In addition to providing more realistic color performance through ICC profiles, Magic White DTF Ink also has its exclusive formula that allows the perfect combination of color ink and white ink, which is not easy to cause ink mixing.

New white ink formula

Using a new generation of white ink formula can increase the whiteness by more than 10%, making the output quality more attractive. More importantly, it can effectively save the amount of white ink used, and greatly reduce the cost of ink.

Compatible to different DTF printers

Our DTF transfer ink works with a wide variety of DTF printers
It can be used in desktop Epson printers or professional larget format DTF printers.

SGS Certificate

Magic White Ink passes SGS certificate with EU RoSH standard.

DTF Magic White Ink

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