Badge Accessories

Badge Accessories

Specification: 25mm / 32mm / 44mm/ 58mm / 75mm

Badges are one of the most popular souvenirs, and stylish can be quite diverse.
In addition to common backpacks and clothes, with different variations, it can also become a cute magnet attached to the refrigerator or office partition.
You can also use it as a bottle opener when you want to drink, and open as many bottle as you would like.

Pin Badges

Pin – 25mm/32mm/44mm/58mm/75mm
There are sadty pins on the back of the badge, which can be fixed on clothes, bags, and various fabrics.
It is one of our most popular evergreen products. Whether it is a memorial, souvenir, or identification card.
It is quite practical whether it is used as a souvenir or identification card, .

Magnet Badges

Magnet – 25mm/32mm/44mm/58mm/75mm
Clip Magnet – 44mm/58mm
Bottle Opener Magnet – 58mm
Often used on a refrigerator or a whiteboard to leave your family heart-warming notes, or a sweet reminder.
Also, you can try the bottle opener magnet for grabbing a beer and using the opener from the fridge altogether.

Badge Accessories

Keychain Badges

Keychain – 44mm/58mm
Mirror Keychain – 58mm
Bottle Opener Keychain – 44mm/58mm
Besides the general keychain, you can try a bottle opener keychain to accompany you and your friends in every gathering.
Or try out the mirror keychain for girls who wants pretty mirror at all time.

Badge Accessories
Badge Accessories
Badge Accessories

Mirror and Hook Hanger Badges

Mirror – 44mm/58mm
Hook Hanger Badges – 58mm
Small mirror can be conveniently put in the cosmetic bag.
The Hook Hanger Badges allow you to hang clothes or bags anytime, anywhere.

Badge Accessories
Badge Accessories

Specifications of material packaging:


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