OKI White Toner Laser Printer

OKI White toner laser printer
Model: C711WT
Size: A4
Color: 4 color (C.M.Y.White)

New C711WT LED printer comes with white toner, which can prints patterns on various colored objects.
This laser printer can be used with laser transfer paper to transfer clothes, mugs, and even other non-fabric materials.
With white toner laser printer, there is no need to endure the problem of nozzle clogging or long printing time, truly achieve the goal of fast transfer even with only one T-shirt.

OKI White Toner Laser Printer

Get rid of the trouble of nozzle clogging.

Fabric Transfer

OKI White Toner Laser Printer

Using a white toner laser printer with laser dark self-weeding transfer paper, you can easily transfer the pattern to dark clothes without cutting, weeding, and spraying pretreatment liquid.
Low cost can also achieve the effect of DTG transfer.

Color Mug Transfer

Still transferring white mugs? As long as you use white toner laser printer with out new GOLD mug transfer paper, you can transfer on colored mugs to present a variety of transfer effects.
No longer limited by the color of the mug.

Hard Surface Transfer

OKI White Toner Laser Printer

Our multifunctional laser transfer paper can be transferred on aluminum sheet, wood board and other materials.
With a white toner laser printer, you no longer need to buy an expensive UV printer, and look for suitable pretreatment solutions.
It allows you to easily transfer patterns to non-fabric products.

OKI White Toner Laser Printer

OKI C711WT Specification


A4 Size

Print Speed Color

A4 34 page / min


ProQ2400, Multi-Layer technology, 1200 x 600dpi

Color Enhancement

Automatic Color Balance

Toner Color


Portable Device

USB 2.0


389 x 435 x 546mm


28 kg


1 Year Warranty

System compatibility

Windows XP /Windows 7

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