ATT Light Inkjet Transfer Paper

ATT Inkjet Transfer Paper for Light Fabric
Specification: A4.A3

ATT light fabric transfer paper are one of the most popular products in light fabric transfer. The new version of ATT light fabric transfer paper has a better color and more washable. Using pigment ink can increase the quality and colorfulness of your product.

This light transfer paper creates excellent full color transfers for application on light colored fabrics with your inkjet printer. Designed for smooth, jam-free feeding – your transfers won’t blur or smear, and there’s no yellowing after application.

ATT Light Inkjet Transfer Paper Instruction

heat_transfer paper

Super Ink-receiving layer technology

Prevented your transfers from fade, cracks and breaks. The color of ATT transfer paper is still bright after transferring and with great washability.

Transferring becomes more convenient

Hot peeling speeds up your production time, no more waiting to cool down the material.

Quick Proofing and Producing

Pair up with EPSON L800 or EPSON L1800 printer for easy and fast operation. ATT light fabric transfer paper is one of the best options for proofing and producing. Low cost make it becomes many users favorite products.


Light color cotton t-shirts, mouse pads, bags, hats, mats, pillows, leathers and all kind of synthetic fiber products.

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